Minnie revisits the archetype of
classic chair in a “bold” key, with
a playful and bold touch that
catalyzes attention in spite of
an apparent simplicity. The backrest
abundant – to mimic the ears of
little mouse – and rounded legs
they are inspired by the world of cartoons
and convey a feeling of
softness and hospitality.
Made entirely of wood
, Minnie is available in the version with and without armrests.
Perfect for contracts, restaurants,
hotels, tea rooms and coffee shops, is one
solution that is also well suited
to domestic spaces they don’t want
go unnoticed.

X Chair

X is a wide multifaceted collection in constant evolution. Designed by Mario Mazzer from a X-shaped sign that recurs in the design, it stands out for the quality of its materials. The chair, with an ash or metal frame, features the collection charcteristic “X” on the shell and is available in different colours.


The Scala collection is a tribute to Milan, a city of culture and history, fashion and design capital. The Scala chair echoes the entire collection with its light metal frame and the collection signature pleating on the backrest.

A simple design which is ideal for completing the interior living proposal in residential areas.


The Outdoor Scala collection is designed to offer a total
in continuity with nature and it is characterised by sinuous
that follow the natural progression of the environments
that hosts them.
Inspired by the traditional chairs with metal and rope frame, Marco Piva has designed an elegant and light seat, a suspended architecture of great modernity.


Pepper is an eclectic and multifunctional piece of furniture that can be freely interpreted according to contexts and needs. A practical service table, that becomes an informal stool, and even an outdoor lamp in the version equipped with lighting.
Made of polyethylene in a wide range of colours – from the pepper red that gives its name to the collection, to more neutral shades – it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Pepper is also available
in the upholstered version
in order to become a comfortable seat.


Marnie is a chair and table collection that stands out for its ash frame that combines the strenght of the wood with lightness. Due to the particular manufacturing process of the lump sidecut, the armrests and backrests of the chairs and the legs of the tables taper, like shrubs in a wood. The chair, with its upholstered seat, is available with upholstered backrest, too.


The Classic wooden chair was reborn in a new contemporary version. Marlene adopts the lines of the bistro chairs, but it reinterprets them thanks the bright polycarbonate and the shiny nylon, two materials that reflect light. Made using the air-moulding technology, Marlene is uv- resistant and perfectly stackable, which is why it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in resturants and bars, as well as in domestic spaces.


Lips armchair was born from the combination of two curved elements, as wrapping as a shell. A solid frame in bent wood, which is visible only in the rear carter, hosts the upholstery, covered in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and eco-leathers. As comfortable as an armchair, Lips is as versatile as a chair: with its wooden legs, it fits into any context: home living room, hotel room or restaurant lounge.


Julie combines essential lines that evoke the design of chair from the past with a contemporary material, the polypropylene, moulded with the air moulding technology.
UV-resistant, light, stackable and available in different colours, Julie is ideal for all indoor and outdoor contract spaces. The version with the seat cushion adds a touch of comfort, making it ideal for domestic spaces, too.

Jo cuoietto

Soft and cozy,
Jo Cuoietto Armchair has a playful design due
to the particular curvature of the legs
and the backrest element.
Its particular leather workmanship,
ideal for indoor spaces
for both public and residential areas,
represents the highest expression of the Italian craftsmanship.