Our Soul

Italianness and green spirit

Alma means soul.
Because Alma Design is not just a business company, but a company made of people who put passion into everything they do, in this case in the world of design.
A group of people united by ethics, sharing, commitment, coherence and growth. A shared and original way of being a company.

Our Soul

Italianness and green spirit

Improving efficiency,
anticipating the changes.

For Alma the “Made in Italy” is a promise of quality, made up of many details that create the art of Italian manufacturing.

Alma’s products are expression of a unique craftsmanship, resulting from the experience and the work culture that considers the quality of raw materials and the perfection of details to be fundamental.

Green vision

Alma has always been attentive to sustainability, working day by day in a eco-friendly perspective, looking for innovations and solutions to protect the environment.

Alma applies a specific and progressive strategy: starting from the control of the raw material supply chain, passing through production processes that minimise waste, to the manifacture of products with the smallest number of components, so that they can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The Green tanning

Several products are available in leather that has been exclusively treated in a natural way, using a 100% vegetable concentrate, free of heavy metals and chemical agents, while maintaining the quality and the durability of the final product.

Compared to the traditional methods of tanning, this process ensures the maximum sustainability, reducing the use of acids, salts, synthetic materials and dyes, allowing production waste to be recycled as natural products.

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