Designer Stools

Welcome to the Designer Stools collection by Alma. Alma’s stools embody the quintessence of elegance in today’s interior design landscape. Each creation, the fruit of meticulous design, blends aesthetic mastery and comfort, transforming simple seats into true style statements.

The precision in finishes, the adoption of premium materials, and an avant-garde approach make Alma’s stools an indispensable element for spaces aspiring to discreet and refined luxury.


Designer Stools: Elegance in Informality

Let yourself be enchanted by Alma’s designer stools, where Italian craftsmanship fuses with a visionary approach to redefine the canons of informal furnishings. Each piece is a masterpiece of balance between functionality and style, designed to embellish home or work environments with sophisticated elegance.

The collection ranges from essential designs to sculptural forms, united by a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium materials. The Anouk stool captures the eye with its minimal yet dynamic lines, where the chromed or painted metal base embraces an inviting seat with sinuous forms. Customizable with wood finishes or enveloping upholstery.

For a touch of playful informality, the Jo stool seduces with its rounded design and welcoming backrest. Made of sturdy polyethylene, this seat effortlessly adapts to indoor and outdoor environments, bringing a relaxed yet refined atmosphere.

Whatever your style, Alma stools will gracefully furnish living corners, open-plan kitchens, or break areas. The fruit of constant aesthetic and functional research, these seats elevate informality to new heights of charm and sophistication. Let yourself be seduced by the discreet luxury of furnishings that express all the excellence of Made in Italy.

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