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Welcome to the Designer Side Tables and Coffee Tables category by Alma.

In the art of furnishing, details can transform an ordinary space into an exceptional one. Side tables, though often considered accessory elements, play a crucial role in enhancing and defining the aesthetics of an environment. Alma, a longstanding ambassador of Italian tradition in the design world, brings its mastery and passion to the creation of avant-garde side tables that combine functionality and elegance.

Every piece in Alma’s “Designer Side Tables and Coffee Tables” collection is the result of meticulous aesthetic research, where premium materials meet innovative lines to give life to unique pieces. Our side tables and coffee tables, more than mere furnishing accessories, become true protagonists of the space, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

From functional works of art to practical solutions for everyday life, the range of side tables offered by Alma satisfies every need without ever compromising on style. Immerse yourself in the refinement of our designs and let yourself be inspired by the mastery and dedication that characterize each of our products.

With Alma, your space will speak the language of elegance, where every side table becomes a statement of style and sophistication. Explore our collection and transform your environment with the distinctive touch of Alma’s Designer Side Tables and Coffee Tables.

Alma’s Indoor and Outdoor Side Tables

Details that Define Style

In the universe of Italian-made furnishings, side tables and coffee tables represent much more than mere furniture accessories. They are the distinctive accents that embellish environments, defining their aesthetics and allure with touches of unmistakable style. Alma’s “Designer Side Tables” collection celebrates this philosophy, embodying Italian artisanal excellence into functional works of art.

The essential design of the Amarcord side table makes it a timeless cult piece, perfect to accompany the iconic enveloping armchairs. A tribute to modernism reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

The Magenta collection, on the other hand, draws inspiration from the elegant atmospheres of Milanese downtown residences. These side tables evoke the refined charm of the 1950s with studied forms and materials that celebrate the golden age of Italian design. Connoisseur pieces to embellish your living rooms.

Whether for classic or contemporary environments, indoors or outdoors, Alma’s designer side tables effortlessly adapt to any context. Innovative lines and refined details blend with premium materials, giving life to truly unique creations.

Each piece is the result of meticulous aesthetic research, where functionality meets the boldest creative flair. These are not mere accessories, but true protagonists of the spaces, capable of captivating attention with their timeless beauty.

Let yourself be seduced by Alma’s designer side tables and coffee tables and embrace the essence of Made in Italy applied to furnishings. Unique pieces skilfully crafted to infuse elegance and charm into your homes.

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