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In this particular historical / cultural period, one of the themes that will be a subject to study for our grandchildren or great-grandchildren, will be the protection of the environment, and how in our era we have faced what is now a real, but above, a global problem.

But you ask, “why read about such a delicate topic on the website of a furnishing accessories manufacturer? The answer is very simple, why not?

Individually, we must intervene and contribute to the protection of the planet, but often this commonly “excludes” the actions of big brand companies.

Thinking about it, that’s where the real change has yet to take place.

We at ALMA DESIGN have already committed ourselves by redeveloping our headquarters, using ecological and natural materials, up to the production of electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels that cover the entire surface of our company, however .. We are just one of many companies in a sea of an artisan area scattered along the beautiful country.

In addition to our headquarters, of course, the production chain and our items are also inclined to favor the environment, produced with ecological, recycled and recyclable materials.

Our daily commitment is part of a collective project aimed at safeguarding our real home: The planet.

The conversion of the planet is a process that takes an immediate response with responsibility regarding moving forward globally, the immediate response being reducing the consumption of plastics.

15 ways to reduce plastic waste!


Recycling is not the answer! The change in habit can contribute to the universal change of the world.

The need to use plastics in our lives is a undoubtable need and it definitely isn’t simple. Despite “recycling” and safely sorting plastics in the correct way and being told the benefits of recycling,

it is no excuse to continue the use of plastics.

Over 15 ways to reduce disposable plastic in your life:


1. Change your habits.
Is your daily lunch a takeaway salad in a plastic container? Get into the habit of making a large salad a few times a week and bringing it to work in a reusable container. Say no to straws and plastic forks, you can find an infinite number of transportable cutlery sets.

2. Stop buying snacks packed individually.
Seriously. From biscuits to carrots, it seems that everything is available in pre-packaged portions, all plastic wrapped. Take ten minutes at the beginning of the week and prepare your snacks packed in reusable containers.

3. Invest in local produce shops.
Instead of buying meat or fresh produce at supermarkets – with polystyrene and plastic packaging abound – bond with your local venders. You will help the local economy and you will certainly have a better product.

4. Change the way you store food.
Instead of using plastic containers to store leftovers, use glass jars for this purpose.
Learn to freeze meals without using plastic containers. (Yes, it is possible!)

5. Make a clean cut.
If you are still buying disposable razors, stop! Invest in a razor that allows you to replace the blade. Try a traditional razor or a newer reloading blade version.

6. Buy without plastic.
While many states have banned plastic bags and encourage shoppers to bring their bags from home for shopping, plastic bags are still in use.

7. Choose boxes instead of bottles.
Choose powder laundry detergent or dishwasher detergent that come in boxes instead of their liquified plastic bottled counterparts. This is an easy way to reduce the use of plastic.

8. Buying bulk.
Instead of buying rice, pasta, flour or other plastic-packed foods, collect these loose ingredients and store them in reusable containers or buy them in larger quantities, thus saving and reducing the use of plastic.

9. Say no to plastic bottled drinks.

10. Packaging.
Instead of choosing bubble-wrap padded envelopes, opt for something similar that uses recycled newsprint as padding. (Unfortunately, you won’t find anything like this at the post office). Unless what you’re shipping is really fragile, you should be able to get by with recycling the newspaper as padding.

11. Make your picnic completely Green.
Stop the senseless use of disposable plastic dishes! You can find paper plates or better you can use glass or ceramic plates. Your picnic will certainly have more style and will have a zero impact. The same goes for cutlery and glasses.

12. Give up gum.
Believe it or not, chewing gum is made of synthetic rubber agglomerated with a plastic called polyvinyl acetate.

13. Leave the disposable plastic bag to line the trash can.
If separate collection is active in your city, use the bags intended for collection, alternatively other objects can be placed directly in the garbage container. It is not always necessary to pack them in a plastic bag and .. if you think about it you are buying these plastic bags for the sole purpose of throwing them away.

14. Celebrate without disposable plastic “furnishings”.
Who doesn’t love party decorations? But instead of using balloons, plastic streamers and disposable plastic tablecloths (or derivatives), invest or create reusable decorations in different color combinations and you’ll never have to buy party decorations again!

15. Buy second hand.
There are a multitude of reasons to opt for second hand shopping and reduce plastic consumption. For example, most new articles are wrapped in plastic or packed in polystyrene.

These are only 15 tips to change our lifestyle which can have a softer impact on our planet. In the article on the environment we will talk about “how to reduce our carbon footprint”.

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