Grandangolo is the ideal table for those who want an affordable product that combines style and functionality. Characterised by essential aesthetics and a clean design with rectangular and angular shapes, it is a timeless table.

Practical and resistant, it features a painted aluminium frame and a laminate top. Extendable version, with aluminium rails in different lengths; Grandangolo is a pop and extremely versatile choice, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and can be effortlessly introduced in different settings, residential, contract and corporate.


Puntoquadro extending table
is born from simple and harmonious
geometric shapes, characterised by
an original contrast between square
and round. The lines are embellished
with chromatic accents, which give
the functional simplicity of this table a
strong character of a true protagonist.

The traditionally hidden aluminium
rails are proudly displayed here in red
or matt black lacquered versions.
Made entirely of wood and
equipped with legs with a large
diameter, Puntoquadro is a rich and aesthetically balanced table that infuses the room with a warm and
welcoming atmosphere.


The extending table Rori is the perfect synthesis of the fresh and innovative design that distinguishes Alma. Its clean, unobtrusive aesthetics and simple yet elegant structure make it extremely versatile and suitable for any type of environment, indoors or outdoors.
The aluminium L-shaped leg – the fineness and simplicity of the visible blade – goes beyond the structural function and gives the solidity of the top an unprecedented visual lightness.
Discreet but capable of capturing the attention of the eye that loves details, Rori is the ideal choice for the young home, but also perfect for commercial use. Available in fixed and extendable versions, with painted aluminium rails.


Inspired by the Oriental aesthetics in the design of its frame that resembles an ideogram, Woodbridge is a simple and poetic ash table. Designed by Mario Mazzer, it is available in two heights that accompany chairs and stools. Several finishes are available and give the table a classic or Nordic style.


collezione scala tavolo allungabile

The Scala collection is a tribute to Milan, a city of culture and history, fashion and design capital.
The new extendable table completes a collection characterised by generous shapes and envelping lines inspired by tailoring with an haute-couture effect. The tops are supported by a light metal frame, also echoed in the base of the coffee tables that complete the proposal.


Paloalto is a table that combines Alma’s roots to an idea of
contemporary design.
The frame is made by two bent tubes,
joint to the ground by two steel feet,
which support the wooden top in natural or dark oak finish.
Available in two heights, it can be used as a convivial table or in a more
informal and dynamic setting. The verison with heat-treated pinewood top is also suitable for outdoor use.


Inspired by oriental culture and aesthetics, the Clint table recalls a big steel origami in its stucture. A strong and geometric volume is balanced by the presence of a wooden top.
Sculptural and modern, the Clint table is available in different sizes and finishes.