Julie combines essential lines that evoke the design of chair from the past with a contemporary material, the polypropylene, moulded with the air moulding technology.
UV-resistant, light, stackable and available in different colours, Julie is ideal for all indoor and outdoor contract spaces. The version with the seat cushion adds a touch of comfort, making it ideal for domestic spaces, too.


Soft and cozy, Jo Armchair has a playful design due to the particular curvature of the legs and the backrest element. The polyethylene version, printed in rotomoulding, is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces in both public and residential areas.


Simplicity is a key word
in Alma’s design.
Valerio Sommella offers his interpretation with Amy,
a chair with great personality that combines harmonious shapes to dinamic lines.
Made of polypropylene
with the air moulding technology,
it is available both with or without armrests, also with a cushion on the seat
for a higher comfort.
for contract spaces, due to
its characteristic lightness, stackability and resistance for indoor and outdoor use, Amy also finds a place in domestic spaces.