Tria.De Design & Valèrie Galli

Valèrie Galli was born in may 1985, daughter of a Swiss mother and a Florentine father, she came into contact with the design world at a very young age. After obtaining a diploma as Industrial Design Superior Technician, she started working with some of the most important European brands through the Archirivolto studio.

Self employed since 2010, her interests range from the single product to the interior design and the public relations without neglecting her passion for art.

The studio has worked with FontanaArte, Nason Moretti, Rossana Orlandi, Valbella Consorzio Poli, Design Politecnico di Milano, Domus Academy Elkey, Bolton Manitoba, Miniforms, Ferrero.

Designed by Tria.De Design & Valèrie Galli

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