X Collection

X Collection of Alma Design

Welcome to Alma’s X Collection.

Alma’s X Collection is a celebration of eclecticism and elegance, a masterful fusion of forms, materials, and functionality designed by Mario Mazzer. Inspired by the distinctive ‘X’ motif that recurs as a leitmotif throughout the design, each piece is an ode to Italian quality and craftsmanship. Comprising a variety of chairs, stools, tables, and armchairs, the collection offers endless customization possibilities to meet and exceed the needs of the most refined spaces.

Each element is available with metal or wooden frames, a testament to the versatility and attention to detail that distinguish the collection. The carefully selected range of coverings allows each piece to be adapted to the specific context in which it will be placed. X Collection is more than just a range of furniture; it is a sensory experience, a dialogue between aesthetics and function that elevates any environment to the sublime.

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