The Scala Collection

Luxury Furniture Design by Alma

The Scala Collection celebrates the essence of Italian-made furniture, blending craftsmanship and avant-garde design in a harmonious union. Each piece is an ode to the timeless beauty of Milan, the beating heart of Italian fashion and design.

The extendable table, the latest precious addition, is a masterpiece of balance between functionality and style. Its soft and enveloping shapes evoke the artisanal craftsmanship of Milan’s ancient textile tradition. The solid yet lightweight structure blends with exquisite details, revealing a captivating and timeless design.

The chairs and armchairs of the collection are true works of art. The sinuous lines recall the patterns of the finest Milan haute couture fabrics. Every stitch, every seam is a tribute to the artisanal mastery that has made Milan a beacon of elegance in the world for centuries. Welcoming these pieces into your home means embracing the timeless charm of Italian style.

The Scala Outdoor Collection brings Alma Design’s excellence to outdoor spaces as well. Organic and sculptural forms accompany total living in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature. The designs of the celebrated Marco Piva reinterpret the tradition of metal and rope seating with a touch of great contemporaneity. Lightness and sturdiness come together to create a suspended architecture that floods your open spaces with beauty.

Whether it’s armchairs, sofas, chairs, or furnishing accessories, the Scala Collection represents the pinnacle of Italian interior design. A tribute to the skilled hands of artisans and the unceasing aesthetic pursuit that has always distinguished Italian-made products worldwide. Let yourself be seduced by the timeless refinement of this all-female excellence.

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