The future is circular!

Even the design is gets green and sets missions to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

The desire to preserve our Home has led even the furniture industry to engage on the side of waste and pollution. This dedication takes the name of Ecodesign or sustainable design.

Ecodesign is an economic model that directs the production process, from the conception to the sale and disposal of a product, to minimize the impact it could have on the ecosystem.

The different sides are:

  • the analysis of the materials used, which are recyclable and reusable;
  • the analysis of energy consumption
  • the maximum reduction of any form of waste

But even better than the correct and unsustainable disposal of products is theircircularitythis means that once the product has completed its function, the materials of which it is composed, where possible, are reintroduced into the economic cycle and can be continuously reused within the production cycle, generating further value. Simple! Why not give it a try? Simple! Why not give it a try?

In order to support the circular economy, it is essential to pay attention to the choice of materials, certify their origin and the ethicality of their production, so that, once their first life cycle is over, they can actually be given a new life.

It is a commitment not only for designers but also for entrepreneurs who, through these investments, pursue a win-win perspective, both economically and ethically or socially.

Alma is also implementing its organization and turning towards increasingly sustainable and circular approaches. Alma’s strategic project will lead the firm in the coming years to integrate itself with the environment starting from the very first collections to arrive!

economia circolare

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