Alma wears Greenery

Refreshing, revitalizing and energetic. This is Greenery, the color of the year for Pantone.
A green tonality that incorporates a shade of yellow and it calls the first days of spring to mind, a brilliant nuance which recalls nature freshness. Brings fortifying qualities, Greenery offers to whom experiences it in the environment a moment for a deep breath, a calm instant in a dynamic and chaotic routine, a small break which restores strength even only throughout the beauty of an object: a lifestyle which summarizes Alma production philosophy.

With X-Big lounge chair, proposed upholstered in fabric, Alma shows in an elegant and functional way this color trend. Perfect for living areas, it carries with itself a touch of retro taste that lives again in a contemporary way. Greenery is also Amarcord, an armchair with flowing lines, whose organic inspiration is perfectly emphasized by the green upholstery: comfortable and light, it looks like a thin leaf laying on a metallic skid frame, available in chromed or painted finish. Finally Marlene, which performs the classic wood chair with contemporary lines, it connects the Greenery theme in the polycarbonate transparencies with a light game that makes this product look like gems, making it a graceful and iconic complement.

The essence of the design of Alma combines itself with the expression of the natural world, that today has always more importance and goes over the city planning and architecture, but it concerns also lifestyles and globally more sustainable choices.

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