Outdoor Design solutions

To furnish outdoor places this year means to create comfortable and everyday-life solutions for our garden, our little balcony or patio.

Of course, bars and restaurants too are trying to reinvent them selves to offer creative corners of leisure en plein air.

And if we cannot move and go to the seaside now, the seasid comes to our home! Easy. In fact, common trends for summer 2021 involve seaside fabrics and colors like blue and white but also wood pieces of furniture for a holiday oasis in the city centre. Another must-have is the so called

edible garden, where coffee tables and seats alternate with fruit plants, sage and rosemary bushes,

typical of our mediterranean culture.

And design does not mean just aesthetic or loveliness; it also implies practicability and functionality. A design product is so called when there is a previous analysis of how useful it could be and how it can solve our everyday problems. Just after all that, we can think about its appearance and attractiveness.

Multifunctionality is, for example, the key word of our Pepper. It can be a coffee table, a lamp or a light stool to be used indoor and outdoor. A real design piece.

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