Maison & Objet – Paris

We will be at Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris with the new Scala collection. Sector TODAY, HALL 6, Stand F128

Furnishing without waste is more beautiful

In a few days, in the showroom you will find many unmissable offers on furnishing accessories, chairs, tables, stools, sofas and armchairs for photo shoots, fairs, showrooms and end of series. Ti aspettiamo: Venerdì 26/11 | 9.30 – 19.00 Sabato 27/11 | 9.30 – 19.00 Domenica 28/11 | 15.00 – 19.00 Mercoledì 01/12 | 9.30 […]

The future is circular!

immagine evidenza economia circolare

Even the design is gets green and sets missions to ensure the sustainability of our planet. The desire to preserve our Home has led even the furniture industry to engage on the side of waste and pollution. This dedication takes the name of Ecodesign or sustainable design. Ecodesign is an economic model that directs the […]

Living at home with Alma Design

immagine evidenza vivere la casa

Lately we have learnt how to crave out a moment of relax and peace within our four walls. And now that we can go out we should continue treasuring what we have understood and come back to the romantic idea of “safe hideaway”. Therefore, we know that taking care of ourselves means both treating our […]

Outdoor Design solutions

immagine in evidenza outdoor 2021

To furnish outdoor places this year means to create comfortable and everyday-life solutions for our garden, our little balcony or patio. Of course, bars and restaurants too are trying to reinvent them selves to offer creative corners of leisure en plein air. And if we cannot move and go to the seaside now, the seasid […]

Alma – Sponsor of The Voice 2020

The protagonist of The Voice Senior, a TV show about music on the Italian broadcaster Rai1 is surely the voice itself: more-than-sixty-year-old people perform in front of the public at home and four judges who cannot see them. The only thing they are voted for is their… voice! This let everyone at any age and […]

Dinner with Alma Design

The dining room is increasingly lived as the center of the house, is the place of socialization and where you meet for the daily ‘appointments’ with the family or where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation. The table is a central and convivial element, which combines in its essence practicality and aesthetics. The possibility […]

Alma Green – #plasticfree

In this particular historical / cultural period, one of the themes that will be a subject to study for our grandchildren or great-grandchildren, will be the protection of the environment, and how in our era we have faced what is now a real, but above, a global problem. But you ask, “why read about such […]

New Trends and colors 2021

Every year our wardrobe changes and adds new colorful items but it’s not just the world of fashion which follows the trends, also design requires being up-to-date. Oh, and of course a bit of creativity is always requested. After the nomination of Pantone 17-2104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating as the two colors of […]

Technical Sponsor of Big Brother 2020

Spending a lot of time at home is quite a challenge, we all know that! This situation has confirmed that a comfortable place makes our long days at home much more enjoyable. This is the reason why ALMAis again the technical Sponsor of the Big Brother VIP 2020: a tv show with famous people living […]